Saddam Hussein Takes Over From Al-Bakr as President of Iraq Hot

Saddam Hussein Takes Over From Al-Bakr as President of Iraq

Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr
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Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr, a leading member of Iraq's Ba'ath Party, steps down from the presidency and is replaced by Saddam Hussein as president of Iraq.

Al-Bakr came to power in Iraq in the coup of 1968 and made Saddam Hussein his vice president, putting him in charge of Iraq's security services.

Over the years Saddam Hussein's power has been growing; as al-Bakr has gotten older, his ability to execute the duties of his office has decreased dramatically.

Bakr's health was cited as the reason for his stepping down, but it's believed that Hussein threatened that if he didn't resign, he'd be removed by force. He will be placed under house arrest and dies in 1982, allegedly due to poisoning.


Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr

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