First Test Tube Baby Born by Caesarean Section in British Hospital

First Test Tube Baby Born by Caesarean Section in British Hospital

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On this date, the first "test tube" baby is born by Caesarean section in Oldham General Hospital, Lancashire. The birth is slightly premature, but the health of both mother and daughter (Louise Brown) are described as "excellent" by the doctors.

Technically the name of the procedure involved here is "embryo transfer." An egg is removed from the mother, fertilized outside the body, grown briefly in a culture, then transferred back into the mother's womb.

The birth of Louise Brown launches a furious debate about the ethics of in vitro fertilization. For the most part people will accept it, but many if not most religious leaders will object.

Louise will have a sister in four years, Natalie Brown, who will be the world's 40th test tube baby.


First test tube baby Louise Brown (1978)

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