Iraq's Hashemite Monarchy Overthrown in Coup Hot

Iraq's Hashemite Monarchy Overthrown in Coup

Abd-al-Salam Muhammad Arif, President of Iraq

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Iraq's Hashemite monarchy is overthrown in a coup by an organization called the Free Officers of Iraq. Coup leaders General Abd-al-Karim Qassim and Colonel Abd-al-Salam Muhammad Arif declare Iraq a republic.

Qassim becomes prime minister and Arif become deputy prime minister. King Faysal II, Premier Nuri as-Said and the crown prince of Iraq were all killed.

There are, however, serious tensions between the two coup leaders because Abd-al-Karim Qassim is an Iraqi nationalist while Abd-al-Salam Muhammad Arif is more of a pan-Arabist who favors a political union with the United Arab Republic, currently led by Gamel Abdel Nasser. This difference of opinion leads to a power struggle, and Arif will be removed from power in September. Qasim remains in power until his death in 1966.


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