Methodist Bishop Oxnam Appears Before House Committee on Un-American Activities Hot

Methodist Bishop Oxnam Appears Before House Committee on Un-American Activities

Bishop G. Bromley Oxnam at the House committee on un-American activities

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Methodist Bishop Garfield Bromley Oxnam voluntarily appears before the House Committee on Un-American Activities. The committee wants him to answer charges linking him to communist groups.

Bishop Oxnam is widely considered the "national voice of Methodism" and is outraged that Rep. Donald L. Jackson (R-CA) would accuse him of being a communist.

Bishop Oxnam called the committee itself "un-American" for its behavior back in 1948 and tells them now:

"We canot beat down the Communist menace by bearing false witness against fellow Americans. I believe this committee will wish to end a practice that plays into Communist hands. ...

I have been actively opposed to communism all my life. I have never been a member of the Communist Party. My opposition to communism is a matter of public record in books, addresses, and sermons."

Ignoring instructions from committee chairman Velde (R-IL), observers repeatedly applaud Bishop Oxnam's answers to the committee's questions.

The committee will vote unanimously that it had "no record of a communist party membership or affiliation by Bishop Oxnam."


Garfield Bromley Oxnam Interview

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