Execution of Two British Soldiers Held Hostage by Jewish Terrorists Hot

Execution of Two British Soldiers Held Hostage by Jewish Terrorists

Irgun Leader Menachem Begin in 1948

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After two British soldiers being held as hostages are executed by Zionist terrorists of Irgun (as a retaliation for the hanging of three Jewish terrorists involved with the May Acre prison break), the British army and British police raid Tel Aviv. During the violence, five Jews are killed and fifteen others wounded.

Pinned to the bodies of the two murdered soldiers are notes saying that they had been "arrested" and describing their "trial, conviction, and execution in the name of the Jewish struggle for a homeland."

The charges were

"Illegal entry into Palestine, being members of an illegal British criminal terrorist organization known as the British occupation force in Palestine which is responsible for the suppression of Jewish rights in Palestine and for the deportation of Jewish citizens from their home land."

Booby-traps are left near by to kill other soldiers who come to retrieve the bodies of their comrades.


Irgun Stern Gangs Hid weapons in Synagogue

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