Benito Mussolini Replaced by Marshal Pietro Baoglio Hot

Benito Mussolini Replaced by Marshal Pietro Baoglio

Benito Mussolini (left) and King Victor Emmanuel III (right), 1934

Benito Mussolini is summoned by King Victor Emmanuel III, who informs the fascist dictator that he is being replaced by Marshal Pietro Badoglio as Prime Minister of Italy.

When Mussolini leaves the meeting, he is arrested and imprisoned. Discontent with Mussolini is so great in Italy that when the change is announced on the radio, there's not a single protest by the people.

Mussolini will be moved around the country in order to prevent the Germans from learning his location and freeing him. Badoglio pretends to continue being Germany's ally, but the Fascist party is disbanded after just two days, and he reaches out to the Allies to negotiate a cease fire.


Benito Mussolini with King Victor Emmanuel III of Italy 1935

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