Göring Tells Heydrich to Begin Planning Final Solution to Jewish Question Hot

Göring Tells Heydrich to Begin Planning Final Solution to Jewish Question

Reinhard Heydrich

In a private meeting, Hermann Göring instructs Reinhard Heydrich to begin planning for a final solution to the Jewish Question.

According to the records, he is expected to begin "making all necessary preparation ... for bringing about a complete solution of the Jewish question in the German sphere of influence in Europe."

In fulfillment of these instructions, Heydrich will organize the Wannsee Conference which will meet 20 January 1942.

Goering tells Heydrich:

"Supplementing the task assigned to you by the decree of January 24, 1939, to solve the Jewish problem by means of emigration and evacuation in the best possible way according to present conditions, I hereby charge you to carry out preparations as regards organizational, financial, and material matters for a total solution (Gesamtlösung) of the Jewish question in all the territories of Europe under German occupation.

Where the competency of other central organizations touches on this matter, these organizations are to collaborate.

I charge you further to submit to me as soon as possible a general plan of the administrative material and financial measures necessary for carrying out the desired final solution (Endlösung) of the Jewish question."


Wannsee Conference

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