Nazi Newspaper Runs Headline About Roosevelt Demanding Sterilization of Germans

Nazi Newspaper Runs Headline About Roosevelt Demanding Sterilization of Germans

Theodor Kaufman

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The Völkischer Beobachter, official newspaper of the Nazi Party, carries the headline "The Product of Criminal Jewish Sadism: Roosevelt Demands the Sterilization of the German Volk."

In America Theodor Kaufman published a book that recommends sub-dividing Germany into several smaller territories and eliminating the German people through mass sterilization.

Kaufman writes in his self-published book Germany Must Perish!:

"Since Germans are the perennial disturbers of the world's peace . . . they must be dealt with like any homicidal criminals. But it is unnecessary to put the whole German nation to the sword. It is more humane to sterilize them. The army groups, as organized units, would be the easiest and quickest to deal with. ...

The population of Germany, excluding conquered and annexed territories, is about 70,000,000, almost equally divided between male and female. To achieve the purpose of German extinction it would be necessary to only sterilize some 48,000,000 — a figure which excludes, because of their limited power to procreate, males over 60 years of age, and females over 45. ...

Taking 20,000 surgeons as an arbitrary number and on the assumption that each will perform a minimum of 25 operations daily, it would take no more than one month, at the maximum, to complete their sterilization. ...

The balance of the male civilian population of Germany could be treated within three months. Inasmuch as sterilization of women needs somewhat more time, it may be computed that the entire female population of Germany could be sterilized within a period of three years or less. Complete sterilization of both sexes, and not only one, is to be considered necessary in view of the present German doctrine that so much as one drop of true German blood constitutes a German.

Of course, after complete sterilization, there will cease to be a birth rate in Germany. At the normal death rate of 2 per cent per annum, German life will diminish at the rate of 1,500,000 yearly. Accordingly in the span of two generations that which cost millions of lives and centuries of useless effort, namely, the elimination of Germanism and its carriers, will have been an accomplished fact.

By virtue of its loss of self-perpetuation German Will will have atrophied and German power reduced to negligible importance."

Neither Kaufman nor his book have any influence on anyone, and this plan is very similar to what the Nazis have been pursuing against others, but despite this Nazi propaganda is able to make a lot of noise about it.


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