Colonial Secretary MacDonald: Immigration to Palestine is Suspended for Six Months Hot

Colonial Secretary MacDonald: Immigration to Palestine is Suspended for Six Months

Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald

Colonial Secretary Malcolm MacDonald, speaking for the British government, announces that between October 1, 1939, and April 1, 1940, all Jewish immigration to Palestine will be suspended.

MacDonald explains this decision as a response to the greatly increased illegal immigration into Palestine in recent months.

Jewish organizations around the world are outraged. Many feel that this will undermine the credibility of moderate Zionists who have argued that Jews should work with the British and within British policy.

Dr. Stephen S. Wise, acting president of the Zionist Organization of America, says:

"The Jewish people as a whole are being penalized because refugees sought escape from persecution by fleeing to their national home. The penalty constitutes a closure of the homeland to the Jewish people and a denial of the only salvation open to Jews doomed to extermination in the anti-Semitic inferno in Central Europe."

The newspaper Davar says:

"All the government can achieve are conditions turning transgression of the law into the law of life in this country."

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