Berlin's Chief of Police Bans Individual Actions Against Jews

Berlin's Chief of Police Bans Individual Actions Against Jews

Count Wolf von Helldorf

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Count Wolf von Helldorf, the Nazi chief of police in Berlin, announces a ban on any "individual actions" against Jews.

This is not because the Jews will start being protected by the Nazi government, but rather because the Nazis want to ensure that actions against Jews are properly coordinated and approved by those in charge.

Count von Helldorf says in his decree:

"The fact has been recently ascertained that in a few cases [Nazi] party members have allowed themselves to be led astray by provocateurs to participate in anti-Semitic demonstrations.

The state party has again and again emphasized that individual actions are prohibited. These single actions include painting and damaging name plates, shop windows, etc.

The fight against Jewry will be conducted by the state Nazi movement in another way.

Anyone participating in individual prohibited actions puts himself outside the state party and is liable for punishment."
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