Franz von Papen Resigns as Vice Chancellor of Nazi Germany

Franz von Papen Resigns as Vice Chancellor of Nazi Germany

Vice Chancellor Franz von Papen
Source: Deutsches Bundesarchiv

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Franz von Papen resigns as Vice Chancellor of Germany in order to return to his older post of Reichs Commissar for Prussia.

Just the day before, Papen was released from SS custody. He had been arrested as part of the Night of the Long Knives, and while he wasn't himself murdered, two associates who helped him write his Marburg Speech (critical of the Nazi Party) were killed.

In tendering his resignation, he writes in a letter to Adolf Hitler:

"With the draft of the law for the coordination of the states with the Reich, passed today by the Reich Chancellor, legislative work has begun which will be of historical significance for the political development of the German state.

The step taken by the Reich Government, which I headed at the time, is now crowned by this new interlocking of the Reich.

You, Herr Reich Chancellor, will now, as once Bismarck, be able to coordinate in all points the policy of the greatest of German states with that of the Reich.

Now that the new law enables you to appoint a Prussian Prime Minister I ask you to inform the Reich President that I return to his hands my post of Reichs Commissar for Prussia."


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