Hitler Gives Radio Address Urging German Protestants to Vote For Nazi Policies Hot

Hitler Gives Radio Address Urging German Protestants to Vote For Nazi Policies

Adolf Hitler, 1939

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The night before elections in the Protestant Evangelical-Lutheran Church for a Reichbishop, Adolf Hitler delivers an address over the radio in which he exhorts German Protestants to vote to support polices that favor the Nazi government.

Hitler says:

"In the interest of the recovery of the German nation, which I regard as indissolubly bound up with the National Socialist Movement, I naturally wish that the new church elections should in their result support our new policy for people and state.

For, since the state is ready to guarantee the inner freedom of the religious life, it has the right to hope that in the confessions those forces will be given a hearing which are for their part determined in their resolve to do all in their power for the freedom of the nation…

These forces I see primarily marshaled in that part of the Evangelical communion (Kirchenvolk), which in the German Christian Movement has consciously taken its stand on the ground of the National Socialist state — not in a submission but in a living affirmation."

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