Hitler's Cabinet Gives Unanimous Approval to Draft Constitution for Protestant Churches Hot

Hitler's Cabinet Gives Unanimous Approval to Draft Constitution for Protestant Churches

Adolf Hitler and his New Cabinet, 1933

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A draft constitution for the Protestant churches in Germany is approved unanimously by Adolf Hitler's cabinet.

The preamble of this church constitution says:

"In this hour when God ordained a great historical transformation, Evangelical churches have continued and complete work initiated by the Kirchenbund (Church Union) toward a unified German Evangelical church whereby confessions born out of the Reformation solemnly bind themselves together, testifying to 'one body, one spirit, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and one Father of us all, who is above, by all and in all."

This constitution, which was approved unanimously by representatives from various Protestant churches in Germany, is intended to be binding on German Protestant churches everywhere — not just those within the borders of Germany.

The Protestant publication Kreuzzeitungsays:

"After its constitution has been acknowledged the Evangelical Church of Austria will likewise belong to it.

The German Evangelical churches of Transylvania, Yugoslavia, Bohemia and the Baltic region and the lands across the sea will be able to conclude working agreements with this real German Evangelical Church without their 11 governments' being able to accuse them of maintaining relations with 'a foreign State.'

A Reich church halts at the border of the Reich. A German Evangelical Church goes beyond the Reich's borders — and that is a highly important matter of national politics."


God and the Hitler Oath

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