Bavaria Passes Law Designed to Eliminate Gypsies & Roma by Criminalizing Their Way of Life

The "Law for the Combating of Gypsies, Travelers and the Work-shy" is passed in Bavaria. The purpose of this legislation is to eliminate Gypsies and Romani from Bavarian society by criminalizing their way of life.

It also goes much further by threatening to incarcerate "incorrigible, habitual criminals" in work houses for up to two years, even if they hadn't committed any crimes.

Local police are given information about "incorrigible" prisoners before their release so they can be monitored and perhaps arrested quickly.

Measures like this will be broadened and employed much more vigorously under the Nazi government in a few years when they decide that "incorrigible" criminals should either be sterilized or worked to death in order to preserver the purity of the Aryan race.


Nazi Treatment of Gypsies

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