I.R.S. Employee Loren Wittner Files Suit to Shine Light on Congress's Attempt to Stifle Education

Loren H. Wittner, an employee of the Internal Revenue Bureau, files suit with the Supreme Court of the District of Columbia charging that public schools in the District of Columbia teach things which violate a provision of an appropriations bill stipulating that "no part of this sum (funds for the public schools) shall be available for the salary of any superintendant who permits the teaching of or any teacher who teaches disrespect for the Holy Bible."

Wittner is actually an atheist and the purpose of lawsuit is to get this legal provision declared unconstitutional, thereby paving the way for more liberal education in the District of Columbia.

Loren Wittner tells reporters:

"Congress is trying to stifle education. The difference between the Scopes trial and the present case is just this: In the Scopes trial the issue was whether the State Legislature should prescribe the curriculum in the schools.

Here Congress says that all curricula must be narrowed to a point where it will agree with the inane ideas of a people of 2,000 years ago. Congress is simply glorifying ignorance.

Has Congress or any State legislature the right constitutionally to narrow school curricula so that the Holy Bible's teachings shall be accepted as the true scientific theories?

If Congress is permitted to continue to pursue this course the Holy Bible will be the only book of science that can be taught in the schools.

I am an atheist — a pure atheist. I am not an agnostic ... I do not believe in God or the Bible. Religion, in my opinion, is detrimental because it makes people dependent on worship and deprives them of their independence. ... Anything that conflicts with the Bible is disrespectful.

The fanaticism of men of the ilk of William Jennings Bryan has crept into our schools, halting liberal education."

The Association Opposed to the Blue Laws will send to Wittner their support and congratulations:

"We hope that the resultant publicity will force off the statute books such an absurd and indefensible law. The law has no right to attempt to maintain respect for any religion or any religious book."


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