Hitler Resigns From Nazi Party as a Tactic in Power Struggle Hot

Hitler Resigns From Nazi Party as a Tactic in Power Struggle

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Adolf Hitler resigns from the NSDAP (Nazi Party). He doesn't actually want to leave politics or the Nazi Party — this is a tactic in a power struggle within the NSDAP.

Members of the Nazi Party's executive committee are considering a merger with the German Socialist Party (DSP), and many think that Hitler has become too overbearing.

Regardless of their personal feelings about Hitler, party leaders realize that without him the Nazi Party will fall apart — his oration and personality are just about the only thing that attracts anyone to them. Hitler, however, will only come back on the condition that Anton Drexler is removed as party chairman and he replaces him.

The executive committee will agree to these demands in a few weeks, and by the end of the month, Adolf Hitler becomes the absolute and undisputed leader of the Nazi Party — the Führer.


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