Andrew Volstead Loses Minnesota Congressional Primary But Will Win the Seat Anyway Hot

Andrew Volstead Loses Minnesota Congressional Primary But Will Win the Seat Anyway

Rev. Ole Juulson Kvale

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Rev. Ole Juulson Kvale is disqualified as the Republican candidate for Congress in the 7th Minnesota District and Andrew John Volstead, author of the nation's Prohibition Enforcement Act, is declared by District Judge Albert Johnson to be the "duly nominated candidate."

Kvale had actually won the primary against Volstead, but Volstead wins in court because Kvale had lied about Volstead being an atheist.

In all, Rev. Kvale accused Volstead of being an atheist, being against the Bible, and of making sneering comments about Kvale's sermons.

Minnesota Christians objected to such a person and so voted against Volstead — but an obscure Minnesota law says that a candidate for public office can be denied the nomination of their party if they lie about or verbally abuse another candidate when talking to voters.

Volstead's daughter testified to the District Court that her father is a good Christian man and Kvale can offer no evidence that Volstead is an atheist, so Kvale loses the nomination he originally won in the primary.

Volstead will go on to win the election.


Volstead Fever: Prohibition in Minnesota

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