Rudolf Hess Joins the Nazi Party, Will Become Deputy Führer Hot

Rudolf Hess Joins the Nazi Party, Will Become Deputy Führer

Adolf Hitler and Rudolf Hess at a Nazi Party Meeting, 1939

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Rudolf Hess joins the Nazi Party. Born in Alexandria, Egypt, to a wealthy Bavarian importer/exporter, Hess only heard Adolf Hitler speak for the first time in May of this year, but that was enough.

Hess immediately became a devoted follower of Hitler's ideas and will spend the next several years working hard organizing for Hitler and the Nazi Party in Bavaria.

Rudolf Hess studied business and saw a lot of action during World War I — including being wounded several times and receiving the Iron Cross, second class.

After the war he studied political science at the University of Munich under Karl Ernst Haushofer, a German general whose ideas on German expansionism may end up influencing Adolf Hitler through Hess.

After the Nazi seizure of power in 1933, Rudolf Hess will become the Deputy Führer, the third-most-powerful man in Nazi Germany, behind Hitler and Hermann Göring. Because of his background and upbringing, Hess is more respectable and presentable than most Nazi leaders, so he will be used as a contact person with leaders of other European nations.


Hitler's Henchmen - The Deputy - Rudolf Hess

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