General von Kleist States in Berlin Paper That Jews Won't be Promoted to Officers in Army

General von Kleist States in Berlin Paper That Jews Won't be Promoted to Officers in Army

Neue Preußische Zeitung — Friday, August 7, 1914, Morning Edition

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In the conservative Berlin newspaper Neue Preußische Zeitung ("New Prussian Newspaper," also known as Kreuzzeitung / Kreuz-Zeitung — "Cross Newspaper" because the Iron Cross is its emblem) General von Kleist writes that Jews will not be promoted to any officer's rank in the German army.

General von Kleist argues that Germany is a Christian nation while Jews and Judaism are the sworn enemies of Christianity and promote progressive political views.

According to von Kleist, Jews have long sought to destroy Prussia and Germany by advocating social democracy. The Neue Preußische Zeitung was founded in the wake of the 1848 German revolutions in order to promote the conservative German viewpoint, so opposition to social democracy and political progressivism are part of the publication's reason for existence.

Jews are the one group that gained the most from the revolutions, with many Jewish communities achieving full emancipation for the first time ever. Jews thus naturally promoted and defended the revolutions more than most other groups, which caused them to be identified closely with those revolutions. That, in turn, meant that anyone who opposed the revolutions (generally conservatives) had even more reason to hate the Jews.


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