Alois Hudal Ordained as a Priest, Will be Archbishop & Nazi Sympathizer

Alois Hudal Ordained as a Priest, Will be Archbishop & Nazi Sympathizer

Bishop Alois Hudal

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Alois Hudal is ordained into the priesthood. Hudal will become an archbishop in Rome, and because of his pro-Nazi beliefs, he will be instrumental in helping many former Nazis escape justice after World War II by helping them flee to places like South America with forged documents.

For thirty years Alois Hudal will lead the Austrian-German congregation of Santa Maria dell'Anima in Rome. He will be ordained Titular Bishop of Aela by Cardinal Eugenio Pacelli (the future Pope Pius XII). He will be supported by Pope Pius XI and serve as the leading Austrian Church representative in the Vatican.

In 1937 he will publish The Foundations of National Socialism, a book that praises Adolf Hitler and his policies. Once the Nazis take power in Germany, Alois Hudal will start pushing a nationalistic, anti-Semitic agenda. He will be one of many Catholics, especially in Germany and Austria, who see in fascist, authoritarian political movements like Nazism a welcome ally against communism, bolshevism, and liberalism.

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