Inquisition Decides Vatican Can't Declare Jews Innocent of Blood Rituals

Inquisition Decides Vatican Can't Declare Jews Innocent of Blood Rituals

Pope Leo XIII
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The Congregation of the Holy Office of the Inquisition reaches its conclusions on whether the pope should speak out and denounce repeated accusations that Jews kill Christians to use their blood in superstitious rituals. The Inquisitors conclude, and Pope Leo XIII approves, that the Vatican cannot issue any declaration that the Jews are innocent.

The ruling of the Holy Office says:

"Although nothing was found either in the Holy Office or at the Secretariat of State, where careful research was undertaken, bearing on this accusation . . . ritual murder is a historical certainty. ...

[T]he Holy See cannot issue the statement that has been requested, which, while it may please a few dupes in England, would trigger widespread protests and scandal elsewhere."

In other words, the Vatican Inquisitors can find no evidence that the alleged Blood Rituals ever happen, but everyone knows that it does happen so it must be true. The people who are asking them to deny common knowledge like this are just dupes of the Jews.

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