Birth of Ante Pavelic, Radical Croatian Nationalist Hot

Birth of Ante Pavelic, Radical Croatian Nationalist

Ante Pavelic

Timeline of History

Political History

Ante Pavelic is born in the Herzegovinian village of Bradina. A radical Croatian nationalist, he will spend years agitating for the destruction of Yugoslavia and creation of an independent Croatia.

While in exile in 1930, he creates the Ustashe — Croatian Revolutionary Movement, an organization with both political and military goals. It's primary objective is the creation of an independent Croatia, even by force of arms.

In 1941 Ante Pavelic will be used by German and Italian fascists to create a politically sympathetic Croatian state, organized along similar philosophical lines to Nazi Germany.

One of the most fundamental policies of the Ustashe-run Croatia is the elimination of everything Serbian. Serbs are hunted down and expelled. Even the use of Serbian words and script will be banned.

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