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Death of John Taylor, Third Leader of Mormon Church

John Taylor
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John Taylor, third leader of the Mormon church after Joseph Smith and Brigham Young, dies of congestive heart failure in the Utah Territory.

The only president of the LDS Church to have been born outside the United States, he was raised in the Church of England, converted to Methodism at the age of sixteen, then joined the Latter Day Saint church after his wife Leonora did.

In 1844, Taylor was severely wounded in the same conflict where church founder Joseph Smith Jr., his brother Hyrum Smith, and fellow LDS leader Willard Richards are killed by a mob in the Carthage, Illinois jail.

As president of the Mormon church, Taylor defended polygamy despite the growing pressure from the United States government — including polygamy being made a felony under the 1885 Edmunds Act. In his last public sermon, Taylor says:

"I would like to obey and place myself in subjection to every law of man.

What then? Am I to disobey the law of God?

Has any man a right to control my conscience, or your conscience?. . . No man has a right to do it"

John Taylor served his last two and a half years as president while on the run, trying to avoid arrest for being married to at least seven wives. In 1886 he received the 1886 Revelation, a revelation from God which restated the permanent validity of God's commandment to practice polygamy.

Mormons will eventually reject the 1886 Revelation as invalid, but fundamentalist Mormons will continue accepting it as valid to justify their continued practice of plural marriage.

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