Jihad Against British Announced by Egyptian General Ahmed Orabi Hot

Jihad Against British Announced by Egyptian General Ahmed Orabi

Ahmed Orabi
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Ahmed Orabi announces a jihad against the British. A general in the Egyptian army, he launched a revolt against the rulers of Egypt and Sudan in 1879 because of the growing European domination of his country.

This revolt is only now crushed because the British army invades, starting a 40-year occupation of Egypt by British forces. The British are primarily concerned with the prospect of Egypt defaulting on its debts and taking control of the Suez Canal.

Because he comes from peasants rather than foreign-born aristocrats, Ahmed Orabi is seen by his followers as a genuine voice of Egyptian nationalism. This reputation will continue on long after his death. Orabi will be held up as a paragon of nationalism and anti-imperialism by other Egyptian political leaders who see themselves as following in his shoes, for example Gamal Abdel Nasser.

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