Druze Muslims Kill Several Thousand Christians in Damascus

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Because of a dispute between the Druze and Maronite Christians in Damascus, Muslims kill several thousand Christians and burn thousands of homes.

The conflict starts in northern Lebanon where Maronite Christian peasants launch an uprising against Druze overlords. As it spread south, however, it changes and becomes a Druze slaughter of Maronite Christians.

Some of the worst fighting occurs around Damascus over the course of July 7-9. The Druze are encouraged to organize pogroms against the Christians by Turkish military authorities, some of whom arm the Druze while disarming Christians.

The fighting is only stopped with the help of international intervention, especially on the part of the French under Napoleon III. The placement of several thousand French troops to separate the warring sides and protect the Christians will be described as one of the world's first humanitarian military interventions.

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