Birth of Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, Sister of Friedrich Nietzsche

Birth of Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, Sister of Friedrich Nietzsche

Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche, c. 1894
Source: Wikipedia

Elisabeth Förster-Nietzsche is born in Röcken, Prussia. The sister of Friedrich Nietzsche, she will retain exclusive control over his writings after his death and thereby will able to rewrite and distort much of his philosophy — particularly along her own anti-Semitic lines.

Elisabeth and Friedrich will be close as children and young adults, but they will grow apart once she marries Bernhard Förster, a fanatical anti-Semite. Of all the sorts of people Friedrich Nietzsche holds in low regard, anti-Semites are among the lowest.

Elisabeth and Bernhard will convince 14 German families to travel with them to Paraguay to create a Germany colony. The project goes so badly that Bernhard Förster poisons himself.


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