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Death of Pope Pius VII

Pope Pius VII, 1810

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Pope Pius VII dies. The first new pope of the 19th century, Pius VII was only elected because he served as a compromise candidate. He wasn't the first choice for any of the cardinals at the conclave, but picking him broke a stalemate among cardinals divided into nationalistic factions.

During most of his reign, Pope Pius VII was involved in various conflicts with France. He tried to develop a working relationship with Napoleon, but like his predecessor he was taken prisoner in 1809 and exiled to Savona.

After his release, he reinstated both the Inquisition and the index of Prohibited Books, brought back the Jesuits, and condemned the Protestant Bible Societies.

All of this made Pope Pius VI the first modern pope to specifically condemn and fight against modern developments in politics, religion and philosophy.

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