Elizabeth Ann Seton Founds Her Religious Community in Maryland

Elizabeth Ann Seton Founds Her Religious Community in Maryland

Elizabeth Ann Seton

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Elizabeth Ann Seton creates a religious community in Emmitsburg, Maryland. Named the Sisters of Charity of St. Joseph, it exists to the care of the children of the poor.

Seton has already created in Emmitsburgh the Saint Joseph's Academy and Free School, a school for educating Catholic girls.

Now known as "Mother Seton," she will spend the rest of her life working on developing and growing her new religious community; it is the first congregation of religious sisters that is founded in America. The attached school is the first free Catholic school in America.

Because of this work, Elizabeth Ann Seton will be the first native-born American citizen to be canonized in the Catholic Church (by Pope Pius XII in 1946).


Visit to St Elizabeth Ann Seton's National Shrine

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