Lorenzo Corsini Elected Pope Clement XII, Credited With Creation of Trevi Fountain

Lorenzo Corsini Elected Pope Clement XII, Credited With Creation of Trevi Fountain

Pope Clement XII
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Lorenzo Corsini is elected Pope Clement XII. Apparently a cynical choice, he is 78 years old and frequently bed-ridden with the gout. His failing vision leaves him completely blind after 1732, and he may have been picked because the cardinals were unable to agree on any better choice.

Instead of quickly fading away and allowing the cardinals to meet and try again, Clement XII will manage to hold on for 10 years.

Because of his blindness and illness, Clement XII will rely heavily on others, especially his nephew Cardinal Corsini. Working together, they will try to eliminate corruption, but most of their efforts will fail. Pope Clement XII will, however, manage to use his family's considerable wealth to create improvements around Rome. Among the most famous will be the Trevi Fountain and the eastern facade on the St. John Lateran.

In addition to being unable to stem the corruption in the Vatican administration, Pope Clement XII and his advisors will also fail to stop the decline of papal power over secular issues. Almost every time he tries to intervene in secular affairs or even just to mediate disputes, he fails to have any real impact.

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