Death of Pope Clement X

Death of Pope Clement X

Pope Clement X

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Pope Clement X dies. Originally chosen as a compromise candidate after a difficult, five-month conclave, he was already 80 years old when he became pope.

Because of his age he was a very weak leader and his nephew, Cardinal Paluzzi degli Albertoni, took over much of the day-to-day affairs of the papacy. Albertoni was a corrupt politician who abused his position to enrich his family and reduce the powers of other officials.

On the political front, Clement X had to deal with a growing Turkish threat. He was helped by the successful military campaigns of John Sobieski, a Polish national hero who saved Poland from invasion and became king. The French king, Louis XIV, took money from the church to fund an invasion of Holland, thus diverting funds Clement X had hoped to use against the Turks.

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