First Quakers Arrive in Boston, Will be Expelled for Advocating Abolition of Slavery & Sexual Equality

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The first Quakers (Mary Fisher and Ann Austin) arrive in Boston from Barbados, where the Quakers have established a church and community.

The liberal Quaker teachings spread by Mary Fisher and Ann Austin will outrage Boston's Puritan leaders, who will soon have the pair arrested. In particular, their advocacy of the abolition of slavery and sexual equality contradict prevailing Christian beliefs.

Magistrates in Boston examine them and:

"found [them] not only to be transgressors of the former laws, but to hold very dangerous, heretical, and blasphemous opinions; and they do also acknowledge that they came here purposely to propagate their said errors and heresies, bringing with them and spreading here sundry books, wherein are contained most corrupt, heretical, and blasphemous doctrines contrary to the truth of the gospel here professed amongst us."

Fisher and Austin will spend five weeks in a Boston prison for spreading their notions of equality, then they are deported back to Barbados. Not long after, Boston bans Quakers from entering the Massachusetts Bay Colony entirely.

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