Death of Nostradamus, an Apothecary Who Published a Collection of Prophecies Hot

Death of Nostradamus, an Apothecary Who Published a Collection of Prophecies


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Nostradamus dies at the age of 62 in France. An apothecary who published several collections of prophecies, Nostradamus becomes famous around the world when his vaguely-worded prophecies come to be seen as valid portents of the future.

His most famous work, Centuries, contains large numbers of "quatrains" — short poems which are alleged to contain information about future events if one but knows how to interpret them properly.

They key here, however, is the being able to "interpret them properly." The quatrains are written in such an obscure way, complete with vague words and codes, that one could derive a prediction of just about anything if the correct quatrain is selected.

Nostradamus' writings provide us with no knowledge of the future — they are a form of literature into which people read their own hopes and fears. The only knowledge, then, which is provided is knowledge of the people offering interpretations.

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