Death of Thomas à Kempis, German Monk and Theologian Hot

Death of Thomas à Kempis, German Monk and Theologian

Thomas a Kempis

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Thomas à Kempis dies in Zwolle, Netherlands.

Born Thomas Hemerken in Kempen, Prussia (near Cologne), Thomas à Kempis is a German monk and author who spent most of his life secluded in the cloister of the Augustinian monastery of Mount Saint Agnes, near Zwolle.

Here he wrote and taught, stressing both inward devotion to Christ and outward imitation of Christ's example of love and morality.

Thomas à Kempis becomes best known for his devotional treatise Imitatio Christi, or Imitiation of Christ, which becomes widely influential.

This work focuses upon Christ as a basic moral example which people can use throughout their lives:

"Lord, in simplicity of heart I offer myself to you this day to be your servant for ever, for obedience and for a sacrifice of perpetual praise: receive me with this holy oblation of your precious body, which I offer to you this day in the presence of angels invisibly attending, that it may be for the salvation of myself and of all your people."

It is not absolutely certain that he did write Imitiation of Christ, but most scholars agree that he was probably the original author.


Thomas à Kempis

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