Ottoman Turks Beaten Back by Hungarians & Serbs at Siege of Belgrade Hot

Ottoman Turks Beaten Back by Hungarians & Serbs at Siege of Belgrade

Siege of Belgrade
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Siege of Belgrade: After a massive battle, the Ottoman Turks besieging Belgrade are beaten back by Hungarians and Serbs — mostly untrained peasants — under the command of John Hunyadi.

Christians capture several hundred canon and massive amounts of military equipment, sending the Turks into full retreat.

The cost of this victory will be high. Not only are many Hungarians killed in battle, but a plague breaks out in the Crusader camps — and one of the plague victims will be John Hunyadi himself, who dies three weeks later.

Nevertheless, the Ottoman advance in Europe is halted for the next 70 years. The fortress at Belgrade blocks the Ottoman Turks until Sultan Süleyman takes it in 1521.



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