Hungarian Hero John Hunyadi Defeats Ottoman Turkish Army

Hungarian Hero John Hunyadi Defeats Ottoman Turkish Army

John Hunyadi

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Hungarian national hero John Hunyadi leads 15,000 Hungarians to defeat an Ottoman Turkish army of at least 80,000 at the Iron Gates of the Danube.

This surprising and decisive victory not only ensures the liberation of Wallachia and Moldavia from the Turks, but also helps make Hunyadi famous across Europe.

The Ottoman Turks also take notice of this new military leader. John Hunyadi achieves several victories agains them, but he's not averse to helping them. In 1453 he will provide assistance to the Ottoman Turks in their siege of Constantinople.

Hunyadi's gunnery experts ensure that the Ottomans are able to breach the city's walls, putting an end to the Byzantine Empire.

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