Jan Hus Followers Storm Prague Town Hall, Toss Councillors Out the Windows Hot

Jan Hus Followers Storm Prague Town Hall, Toss Councillors Out the Windows

John Hus
Source: Wikipedia

Defenestrations of Prague: Followers of executed reformer Jan Hus storm the town hall in Prague and throw several Catholic city councillors out of the windows, killing them all.

Led by Jan Zelivsky, a Hussite priest, the followers of Hus have been marching through Prague to protest Hus' execution by the Council of Constance at the beginning of this month.

Someone in the New Town Hall on Charles Square throws a stone at Zelivsky and members of his congregation storm the building. The judge, the burgomaster, and thirteen town council members are thrown out of the windows; those who don't die from the fall are killed by the mob below.

This leads to the Hussite Wars between followers of Hus and Catholics. Lasting through 1434, the Hussite Wars will be characterized by extensive use of hand-held gunpowder muskets and hand-held canon.

This lets Hussite infantry defeat much larger Catholic armies that are based around traditional, heavily-armored knights. The Hussite Wars will thus play a major role in the development of the modern infantry and put an end the mounted knight as a fighting tool.


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