Birth of Future Pope Sixtus IV, Will Have Sistine Chapel Created

Birth of Future Pope Sixtus IV, Will Have Sistine Chapel Created

Pope Sixtus IV
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Pope Sixtus IV is born Francesco della Rovere. As pope, he will become most famous for having the Sistine Chapel created, for bringing together a large number of artists in Rome (which helps establish the early Renaissance), and the creation of the Vatican Archives.

Streets in Rome will be widened and paved, dilapidated buildings will be torn down and replaced, hospitals are established, new chapels are built, and a new bridge (now called the Ponte Sisto after him) is put across the Tiber.

One of the first acts of Pope Sixtus IV after being elected will be far less peaceful: he encourages the leaders of France, Spain, Germany, Hungary, and Poland to pursue a new crusade against the Turks. Ultimately, though, little is accomplished on this front.

In matters of doctrine, Pope Sixtus IV will work to expand the Inquisition and repress heresy, though he will object to abuses committed in the name of the Spanish Inquisition (which he creates at the request of of King Ferdinand of Aragon and Queen Isabella of Castile). He will not, however, be able to do much to counteract the abuses because King Ferdinand threatens to withdraw his military support if Sixtus attempts anything. The most Sixtus will be able to do is write a letter reprimanding Inquisitors for over-zealousness in the treatment of alleged heretics.


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