Death of Raymond VI of Toulouse, Defender of the Cathars Against Crusaders

Death of Raymond VI of Toulouse, Defender of the Cathars Against Crusaders

Raymond VI of Toulouse
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Raymond VI of Toulouse, defender of the Cathars against the Crusaders, dies and his son Raymond VII takes over for him. The exact beliefs of Raymond VI are a matter of some question, but he is at least sympathetic to the Cathars and their beliefs.

What seems to be most important to him, however, is maintaining his freedom to do as he will with his own territories. He has chosen to allow people greater freedom to follow their own beliefs, whether they be orthodox Catholicism or Catharism, and he rejects the interference of outsiders who presume to tell him what to do — especially when he's told to launch military attacks on his own people.

His son, Raymond VII, is a grandson of Henry II of England as well as a nephew of King Richard I and King John of England. He continues his father's fight for several more years, but in 1229 he is forced to surrender and sign the Treaty of Paris. This not only spells the end for the Cathars but also for an independent Toulouse; after his death the region will come under the control of the kings of France.

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