Cardinal Pelagius & the Crusaders Set Out for Cairo & Eventual Defeat Hot

Cardinal Pelagius & the Crusaders Set Out for Cairo & Eventual Defeat

Crusaders Arrive in Cairo as Prisoners of the Sultan

Crusaders under the command of Cardinal Pelagius set out for Cairo. They travel on the Nile on several hundred ships with 5,000 knights, 4,000 archers, and 40,000 infantry.

The Sultan in Cairo will offer to reach a negotiated peace, one that makes a number of important concessions to the Crusaders, but Cardinal Pelagius refuses. He believes Muhammad is the Great Beast described in Revelations and that it was sinful for Christians to make peace with infidels.

The results for the Crusaders will be disastrous. Even though the Egyptian defenses had been reinforced by Syrians, the Crusaders might have been victorious if it weren't for their arrogance and their ignorance of the Nile, which was entering flood stage.

In the end, the Crusaders will have to give up Damietta, which they had recently conquered, in exchange for their own safe retreat. They had been offered an exchange of Jerusalem for Damietta which Cardinal Pelagius rejected.

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