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Honorius III Elected Pope

Pope Honorius III

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Honorius III is elected pope, even though he is already old and in poor health. Nevertheless, he will reign for almost eleven years and manages to accomplish quite a lot during that time. His two main goals are to maintain papal authority over lands in Italy and to resist the incursions of heresy throughout Christendom.

The former will be made difficult by the desires of Frederick, crowned Holy Roman Emperor by Honorius on the condition that he participate in the Fifth Crusade. Frederick is reluctant to do so, however, because he is much more interested in establishing his own control over Italy.

When it comes to suppressing heresy, Pope Honorius III will approve the rules and creation of religious orders such as the Dominicans, Franciscans and Carmelites. These groups will be given a two-fold purpose by Honorius: pursue heretics and serve as an outlet for reformist tendencies which might otherwise lead a person towards heretical groups.

Outright combat against heresy will be initiated in 1218 when Pope Honorius III launches the Albigensians Crusade against Cathar heretics in Southern France.

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