Citizens of Minerve France Surrender to Albigensian Crusaders

Citizens of Minerve France Surrender to Albigensian Crusaders

Minerve, France
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Citizens of the fortified town of Minerve in southern France surrender to the Crusaders of the Albigensian Crusade who are trying to exterminate Catharism.

Minerve has a good double-wall defense, but there are only 200 men to defend the city against a large Crusader army with multiple catapults. After the destruction of Béziers the year before and the subsequent slaughter of all inhabitants, there isn't a lot of interest in fighting. Cathar residents of Minerve who are willing to convert are allowed to do so, but the 180 who refuse are burned at the stake. Some go willingly, saying that "neither death nor life can separate us from the faith to which we are joined."

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