Crusaders March Towards Hattin to Engage Saladin's Forces

Crusaders March Towards Hattin to Engage Saladin's Forces

Statue of Saladin in Damascus

Crusaders march from Sephoria in order to engage Saladin's forces. They have brought no water with them, expecting to replenish their supplies at Hattin.

They are, however, carrying with them the "True Cross," allegedly discovered in 326 by the mother of Constantine the Great. They believe that it will ensure their victory.

That night they camp on a hill with a well, only to discover that it has already dried up. Saladin will make the situation for the Crusaders even worse by setting fire to the brush; the drifting smoke makes the tired and thirsty Crusaders even more miserable, especially those wearing heavy armor.

A few get desperate and go down the hill to get some water, but they are captured and beheaded by Saladin's soldiers. By morning, those still on the hill will be suffering greatly and will be completely surrounded by Muslim forces.

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