City of Tiberias Captured by Saladin's Forces

Muslim forces under Saladin capture the city of Tiberias, but the garrison, led by Eschiva, the wife of Raymond III of Tripoli, manages to hold out in the citadel. Christian reinforcements camp at Sephoria in order to decide what to do. They don't have the strength to attack, but they are inspired to move forward by the image of Eschiva holding out.

Guy of Lusignan is inclined to remain where he is and Raymond supports him, despite the likely fate of his wife if she is captured. Raymond is sure that Saladin's move is a trap designed to draw the Crusaders from relative safety in Acre to Tiberias, where there is less water and protection.

Guy, however, is still plagued by the belief of others that he is a coward, and late that night Gerard, Grand Master of the Knights Templar, convinces him to attack. One of the "arguments" which Gerard uses is the threat that he will withdraw his support from Guy — support that was critical to Guy getting the throne of Jerusalem.

So Guy gives in: against the recommendations of Raymond, he marches his forces towards Tiberias to engage Saladin. This will prove to be a serious mistake. At the coming Battle of Hattin, the Crusader forces will be destroyed by Saladin.

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