Death of King of Jerusalem Amalric I, Will Be Succeeded by His Son Baldwin IV

Death of King of Jerusalem Amalric I, Will Be Succeeded by His Son Baldwin IV

Baldwin IV
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Amalric I, King of Jerusalem, dies and is succeeded by his son, Baldwin IV.

Baldwin, unfortunately, is only thirteen years old and has been showing signs of leprosy since he was nine, so no one is very confident that he will be able to truly take control of the kingdom.

The second son of Melisende of Jerusalem and Count Fulk of Anjou, King of Jerusalem, Amalric I succeeded his older brother Baldwin III as ruler of Jerusalem. While he was king, the alliance between Jerusalem and the Byzantine Empire became stronger.

Because Baldwin IV is still a minor, he will have two regents: Miles of Plancy, then his father's cousin, Raymond III of Tripoli. Because he's a leper who is not expected to live long enough to produce any heirs, most of the people in the court are already trying to make alliances with potential successors.

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