Joint Force of Egyptians & Crusader Franks Besiege Shirkun Hot

Joint Force of Egyptians & Crusader Franks Besiege Shirkun

Tomb of Nur ad Din Zangi in Damascus
Source: Wikipedia

A joint army of Egyptians and Franks besiege Shirkun, representative of Nur ad-Din, at the Egyptian city of Bilbeis. Christian leader Amalric I, King of Jerusalem, is working with Muslim leader Shawar.

Because he is merely a figurehead for Nur ad-Din, Shawar has called on Amalric for help.

This alliance doesn't last long, however, because Nur ad-Din attacks Antioch, taking Bohemond III of Antioch and Raymond III of Tripoli as prisoners at the Battle of Harim.

As a consequence, Amalric I has to turn around and return north to rescue his vassals. Fortunately for Shawar, Shirkun decides that it's best for him to leave Egypt.

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