Death of Pope Eugene III

Death of Pope Eugene III

Pope Eugene III
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Pope Eugene III dies. Ever since he was elected, Pope Eugene III has been in conflict with the people of Rome and so was never able to live there. Arnold of Brescia was the primary cause of this conflict because he is a staunch opponent of the temporal powers that come with the papacy and intends to restore the old Roman constitution.

Pope Eugene III doesn't help matters by trying to get help from outsiders such as Tivoli and King Roger II of Sicily, with whom he is able to make life in Rome so difficult that people are forced to accept some of his authority over them.

Pope Eugene III became best known for the failure of the Second Crusade which he himself had originally called for in a bull sent to King Louis VII of France. Pope Eugene III had vigorously supported the Crusade with the help of Bernard of Clairvaux.

Eugene III originally entered the Cistercian Order because of Bernard's influence and the two always remained close — though Bernard apparently didn't agree that Eugene was well suited to the office of pope.

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