Death of Peter the Hermit Whose Fervor Helped Launch First Crusade

Death of Peter the Hermit Whose Fervor Helped Launch First Crusade

Peter the Hermit

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Peter the Hermit dies, possibly in France where he may be prior of a church of the Holy Sepulchre which he founded. According to tradition, Peter was one of those primarily responsible for spreading the fervor which helped launch the First Crusade.

In 1096 Peter the Hermit, a native of Amiens in France, led 20,000 commoners out of Cologne on the Peasants' Crusade. They sacked a number of Christian cities and killed many Jews before they reached Constantinople.

When they arrived in Constantinople they were so decimated by hunger and disease that they caused a great deal of trouble — and they never actually made it to Jerusalem, which was of course their ultimate goal. Made up primarily of poorly organized groups, most died either from hunger, disease, or Muslim raiders.

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