After a Seven Year Siege Christian Crusaders Capture Tripoli

After a Seven Year Siege Christian Crusaders Capture Tripoli

Near East in 1135, Between the First and Second Crusades
Source: Wikipedia

Siege of Tripoli: After a siege of seven years, Christian Crusaders finally capture the harbor city of Tripoli, located along the coast of Palestine (later Lebanon). What was once the Emirate of Tripoli now becomes the fourth Crusader state, the County of Tripoli.

During the First Crusade, the Banu Ammar provided supplies and horses to the Crusaders and so none of the possessions of the Emirate of Tripoli were attacked.

During the second phase, when a second wave of Crusaders came down through Anatolia, the new leader of Tripoli was less accommodating, so all the cities of the Emirate became targets.

After a long siege, during which Raymond IV of Toulouse dies, the Crusaders sack the city and enslave most of the inhabitants. Over 100,000 books in the city library are declared "impious" and burned.

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