Raymond IV of Toulouse Turns Down Title of King of Jerusalem Hot

Raymond IV of Toulouse Turns Down Title of King of Jerusalem

Godfrey De Bouillon Wearing a Crown of Thorns

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Raymond IV of Toulouse is offered the title King of Jerusalem by a council held in the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Raymond turns it down and leaves the region. It's possible that he hoped they would insist, but he's not very popular due to his actions at the Siege of Antioch, so no one asks him twice.

Godfrey De Bouillon is offered the same title and turns it down as well, but is willing to be named Advocatus Sancti Sepulchri (Advocate of the Holy Sepulcher), the first Latin ruler of Jerusalem. According to Godfrey, the title "King of Jerusalem" belongs only to God.

This kingdom will endure in one form or another for several hundred years, but it will always be in a precarious position. It is based upon a long, narrow strip of land with no natural barriers and whose population is never entirely conquered. Continual reinforcements from Europe are required but not always forthcoming.

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