Soldiers of the First Crusade Begin Final Assault on Jerusalem Hot

Soldiers of the First Crusade Begin Final Assault on Jerusalem

Map of Jerusalem, 1187

Armies of the first Crusade launch a final assault on Muslims in Jerusalem. The initial assaults on the walls of Jerusalem failed, and now the Crusaders are in terrible shape — their numbers have been reduced drastically and most are starving.

They are confident that they will be successful now, however, because a priest had a vision that after marching around the city like the Israelites marched around Jericho, God would deliver Jerusalem to them.

The Crusaders marched around Jerusalem on the 8th of July, and this is when they expect God will help them defeat the Muslim defenders. At first their assaults go very slowly, but they do make progress and they will finally overwhelm the city's defenders on the 15th.

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